By Pastor Shane Robinson

(Holly:  Shane is a pastor in Titusville, FL.  You can find his YouTube channel can be found by clicking here (if you’d like to view some more of his teachings), or he can be found on FaceBook.)

But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts.  1 Thessalonians 2:4

Didn’t Jesus say that there is only one way to be saved?

John 14-6 Yes, He did. He won’t change His mind. The only way to heaven, is by believing in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven. It’s that easy. Jesus is God and Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead. Jesus did this for us in His love. So believing in Jesus to take you to heaven, is the only way to heaven. We can’t add works to that. (1 Cor 15:3-4; John 15:13; Acts 16:31; Eph 2:8-9)

If you are offended by someone naming names, then you might want to stop reading right now. Understand, however, that the Bible actually does name names (1 Timothy 1:20, 3 John 1:9, 2 Timothy 4:14, there are many more), so, it is Biblical to do so.

I am watching, almost daily, the number of people presenting themselves as evangelical speakers, that are singing praises about the pope. It’s unreal. I cannot hold back any more. Something must be said.

The Catholic organization, led by the pope, believes that you can’t get into heaven by simply believing in Jesus Christ. The Catholic organization requires works. Yet the Bible says the Gospel that saves, is without works (Romans 4:5), meaning, you can’t get into heaven if you are adding works. But Catholicism rejects this, and openly says that you must do works, to be saved. And they also say that you will most assuredly spend some time in the fake “purgatory” (that doesn’t exist), to wash away sins, thus denying the sufficient and finished sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins on the cross (Heb 10:10, 14). The Catholic organization also says that you can be saved by being a good enough person, no matter what you believe.

This is no small issue. It is the biggest issue in the entire world. This is the difference between eternity in heaven, and eternity in torment in the lake of fire. Really, it is the most important issue in the life of every person. And the teaching of Catholicism leads to the lake of fire.

So why the big push to join up with Catholicism? Here is a list of people that present themselves as pastors, or leaders, or speakers, that have met with the pope personally and have openly said that Catholicism is acceptable:

  • Joel Osteen, (Your Best Life Now speaker)
  • Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life), he also has twice written forwards for books that intend to lead people specifically to Catholicism
  • Billy Graham and Franklin Graham (Billy Graham Association)
  • Brian Houston/Carl Lenz (Hillsong Music, Hillsong Church)
  • Bill Johnson/Kris Vallotton (Jesus Culture Music, Bethel Church) 
  • Kenneth Copeland (word of faith false teacher)
  • James Robison (ecumenical false teacher)
  • Mike Bickle (NAR false teacher)
  • Ronnie Floyd (President of the Southern Baptist Convention)
  • All major leaders of TBN

These are just a few. There’s tons more. Are all of these people telling us that they don’t actually believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I don’t know what else to make of it. How else should I respond? Because, if they do indeed believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then they can’t later say that Catholicism also teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since, the two contradict completely, as far as heaven and hell contradict.

Then there are other preachers out there that also repeatedly tell us that we should believe that Catholicism is okay. Here are some of those people:

  • Beth Moore, author and speaker
  • Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker
  • Greg Laurie, Harvest Chapel preacher
  • Joyce Meyer, word of faith false teacher
  • Pat Robertson, televangelist
  • Norman Geisler, author and speaker
  • Walid Shoebat, author and speaker

Again, these are just a few. Like the other list, there’s tons more. You could fill several volumes of books with people that present themselves as evangelical speakers but have no issue with Catholicism, and in most cases, join up with it.

Is this post hateful? Not if you believe the Bible. If you believe the Bible, then you know it is loving to tell the truth and expose those that seek harm to your soul.

There are many ways to find out if someone is a false teacher. This is one of those ways. If they refuse to identify Catholicism as a false gospel that cannot save, then they are a false teacher.

If we waffle on this issue just to have “unity”, then we have lost the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is to preach the true Gospel to all the world, where all souls are facing eternity.

Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

More info on some of these ‘preachers’:

  • Walid Shoebat has many articles supporting Catholicism.
  • Norman Geisler wrote a book about how evangelicals should reconsider their antagonism against Catholicism.
  • Rick Warren wrote the forwards for two Catholic books.
  • Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, James Robison, and Kenneth Copeland being in the Vatican was international news via Google.
  • Beth Moore “prophesied” that God told her to bring unity with Catholics, protestants, and every denomination. There are many YouTube videos to watch her say it.
  • Greg Laurie joined and emailed advertised participation in Azusa Now, which had a Catholic priest on the stage as they all applauded the union.
  • Ravi Zacharias was point blank asked about Catholicism, and stated that the basics of the Gospel are in it, and he also supports Henri Nouwen, a universalist Catholic.
  • Brian Houston (Hillsong) met with the pope and called him a wonderful representative of Jesus Christ.
  • Bill Johnson’s group (Bethel, Redding)F did the same just the other day. All available on those two sites, on the ministry sites of each of these people, and in some cases, in international news via Google.
  • Billy Graham, (as many know), has done it for years. Many YouTube videos show Graham stating that the pope was the world’s greatest evangelist.
  • Franklin Graham shared the stage twice with Catholic priests, and said that his father’s decision to join up with Catholic priests was the best decision he ever made.

Disclaimer:  Some of Shane’s sources: Pulpit and Pen, Church Watch Central, and links from them on their sidebars. Those sites are usually Calvinistic (unfortunately), but reliable in showing the pictures and verifiable quotes on each of these individuals.

In addition, with some of them, just go to their website and you can search yourself for these quotes.


  • Thank you, Holly! The Lord bless you and the ministry

  • Amen!

  • Holly, you said: ‘There are many ways to find out if someone is a false teacher. This is one of those ways. If they refuse to identify Catholicism as a false gospel that cannot save, then they are a false teacher’.

    I totally agree with you. Why are so many of our pastors/ teachers/ preachers so reluctant to identify Catholicism as false and refuse to expose it’s false gospel of works and it’s many un-Biblical doctrines of: Purgatory, Mary-olotry – (Virgin Mary-worship), transubstantiation – which teaches that the elements of bread and wine turn literally into the body and blood of Jesus; the Eucharist which is a denial of the sufficiency of the one-time sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on the cross for the complete payment of our sins, teaching instead the continual sacrifice of Jesus on Catholic altars. Papal infallibility, Apostolic succession, prayers to the saints, confession to the catholic priests who are themselves pedophiles, sodomites, abusers of children, sexual perverts, who deny the sole authority of the Scriptures while twisting and distorting Bible passages to justify their own man-made teachings such as perpetual virginity of Mary, denial of the priest-hood of all believers, lording it over the laity and ordinary people to control them. Bowing down to graven images of Mary, baby Jesus, the Apostles and so-called saints, and many other abuses of Scripture.

    And yet we are told that for the sake of unity, we all need to come together, accept Catholics as brothers/sisters in the Lord and sing kumbaya !!

    Can we really compromise the Gospel of Grace of Christ and set aside the doctrinal differences that divide us and pretend that we are all ‘Christians’ because we name the name of ‘Jesus’? Do they even pay attention to 2 Corin 11:3-4 which teaches that there are: ‘another gospel, another Jesus and another spirit’ that we need to distinguish truth from error, true Jesus from a false Jesus?

    Instead of telling born-again believers to have nothing to do with Catholicism, these false teachers/ preachers encourage them to join hands and recognize Catholics as fellow believers! How can they do this if they really cared about the Gospel of Christ?

    Holly, thank you for your strong stance and defense of the Gospel of Grace. I truly appreciate all your posts and comments, I learn so much from you and admire your ability to continue to teach and instruct us in spite of your own family trials and crises.

    May the Lord bless you and equip you to do what you are doing. We need you!!

    • Alice – thank you for your kind encouragement, right now Adam is napping, and I am catching up here 🙂 We’ve had a good morning and afternoon, it will be a later night for me tonight, but we’re getting our rest… How can we not speak? Many do not appreciate it, but we can only keep praying for strength, get strengthened and revived from His Word (Ps 119:25,28), keep our armor on (Eph 6) and contend earnestly for the faith once delivered (Jude 3). We need each other, we want to see others come to a true understanding of what must do to be saved. (Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ) and that we know doesn’t include adding all those above things. Roman Catholicism will not save. Church will not save. Believing ALONE on Jesus Christ to save, who He is (God who came in the flesh), and His Work on the cross (crucified for our sins — ONCE for ALL (Heb 10:10,14), it is FINISHED — He is buried and risen again – (as God He had the power to take His life back up again -John 10:17-18), and He is coming again for those of us who are in the body because we have believed, not because of a church membership or a particular religion, or by being good, in fact, those things are the broad road that will keep us from Christ sadly.

  • Curtis M
    4 years ago

    Yes I see it Truth is being compromised exponentially , We need pastors and believers to stand firm on the simple Gospel of Grace . Thank you Holly for your blog and your stand ..

    Truth does matter Unity Must be Wrapped in Truth . The Holy Spirit brings unity based on Truth anything less is compromise .

    Joh 14:17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

    Joh 17:11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.

    • The reason most of these pastors can get comfortable with RC is because these pastors also add works somewhere into the salvation equation.

      • Johninnc, I believe that is correct. Works for salvation is the meeting point between them and RC.

      • Johninnc, I believe you are correct. Works for salvation is surely the meeting point between them and RC. Which is why exposing them as adding works to salvation, is crucial. I know that you and Holly are both doing that discernment very well.

      • I’m with you both Shane and John. The ones that are willing to compromise with these people likely already have a compromised gospel.

  • Dave Parrish
    4 years ago

    Hi Holly, I never have received any money for telling someone about the True Gospel that saves! I think this age has so many Pastors preaching this ear tickling Unity message for “Christians” to merge with ROMAN CATHOLISM (RC), attracting those who are Not Saved, unto their ministry by having this wide Gate to Jesus by “self works”. This attracts Millions to follow “a false Jesus” who did not do it all apparently and Finish it at Calvary, but essentially needs “our help too” in the matter… This lie builds great congregations (who are also deceived by the Old Covenant Tithing warnings…) to give to these Pastors storehouses which are their Wallets, and big houses, and a high class lifestyle! And the easy life of making 100,000 dollars a year speaking lies…..

    I will say this: if you were brought up in the RC Satanic System, and then Got Truly saved in seeing one’s utter unrighteousness unto God and the NECESSITY FOR SALVATION ONLY AND ALONE BY FAITH IN THE DEATH , BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS, FOR YOU, There should be No Acceptance of this system!

    Yet I, for years got Deceived into the works-righteousness programs of these so called Protestant preachers too… Who recreated the RC CONFESSIONAL IN THAT GOD STILL REMEMBERS OUR SINS, SO WE HAVE TO DO A CONTINUAL RE-PENACING” CONFESSIONAL WORK ALL THE TIME!!!




    2Th 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
    2Th 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

    2Th 2:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

    2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Could the end times army of the anti-Christ, be being formed NOW!!??
    If they thrive on these lies now, THEY WILL GO NUTS OVER THE LIES OF
    “That WICKED” when he comes!!

    Our Nation and the whole earth wants a False Jesus to make them rich and prosperous in the flesh self esteem and in Material comforts…..

    Thank you for your bold declaration of the Truth!

    Dave Parrish

    • Hi Dave, appreciate you commenting. I am neither Catholic nor ‘protestant’. I never had to protest and break from that system thankfully, although there are many out there in the reformed and Arminian camps both who profess salvation is free, but teach works out of the other sides of their mouths, either to earn it, to keep it, or to prove it. God’s testimony of His Son evidently is not enough for them, they should fear. There is not much fear and trembling in our world regarding God’s Word (Is 66:2), so many ‘pastors’ I see who are unafraid and who cast God’s Word right behind them and replace it with their own or their favorite old time preacher or teacher or author.

        But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth? Seeing thou hatest instruction, and casteth my words behind thee. Psalm 50:16-17
  • If you have time, please let people know about T.D. Jakes. He sidesteps the Trinity with fancy foot work because he is a modalist but he is a charismatic inspirational speaker so people just share his quotes and follow him anyway!

    • I agree Jesus’ Princess. He is wrong on the Trinity and of course multiple other things. If I have time, maybe I will do him with several others in the same group. He is jovial and likable which confuses people, they think he couldn’t possibly be a wolf. They always forget, the wolves look like sheep outwardly and do many wonderful works…

  • Charles Miller
    4 years ago

    So many have taken this “unity” approach, because they will say that “we are all Christians”. The problem that they have is that they all follow the religion of christendom and many are not actually Christians. I do believe that some are, but they have failed to take into account that the RCC is not Christian, but really of the world and the world’s false religious system. The protestant churches that began to see light from Scripture failed to understand that church organizations on earth are NOT the Kingdom of Heaven and they go about trying to establish the Kingdom. Many who call themselves pre-millenial speak as post-millenial and try to “move the kingdom forward” by trying to establish Christian influence, so by necessity join forces with the RCC because they are trying to do the same thing. But our calling as Christians is as ambassadors of Christ preaching the word of reconciliation to a world that has set itself as God’s enemy. He is not now saving the world and its system, but He is saving lost men and women out of the world in this day of salvation. The day of wrath will fall upon this world and all of its false religious systems, including the false “Christian” religions. We as Christians need to take heed to Paul’s instructions to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

    • Hi Charles, thank you for commenting.

      Paul told Timothy to take heed to the doctrine, saving both himself and his hearers (1 Tim 4:16). Since we know Timothy was already a believer, the deliverance there would be us being saved from all sorts of horrible consequences. We see all sorts of these consequences due to compromise of teachers, refusal to mark and avoid by elders and our brethren, and by the flock not being in the strong meat of His Word, and therefore unable to discern between good and evil. Too many now are subtly deceived by the enemy into accepting another Jesus or another gospel. Praying for people to help those around them to grow in His Word by commending them to the Word of His grace.

      In Christ, Holly

    • Charles, you said: The protestant churches that began to see light from Scripture failed to understand that church organizations on earth are NOT the Kingdom of Heaven and they go about trying to establish the Kingdom.

      My comment: I read an article today in the Christian Post that made some good points about some of the evil inherent in globalism. However, a quote from theologian Fay Voshell was really interesting. Following is the quote:

      In a September 4 American Thinker article titled, “Globalism: the Religion of Empire” theologian Fay Voshell noted similarly that “[l]ike the Christian vision of the universal Kingdom of God, the religion of secular globalism claims universality, but is an earthly minded substitute for the Church universal. The Christian vision sees the Church universal as God’s kingdom ruling the earth. The religion of globalism sees an earthly, utopian world order in which all men pay allegiance to elite priests who rule over a World City without national borders.”

      Voshell is not clear whether he views the Church universal as God’s kingdom ruling the earth with Christ during the Millennium, or whether she views it as the present role of the church.

      • I read that article, it has some interesting points regarding globalism. The “Christian vision” that she wrote about seems to be amillenial in perspective because she doesn’t mention that the Lord Jesus Himself will come and establish the long prophesied kingdom that this earth is waiting for and will reign for 1000 years. She seems to have the idea that Christians will establish it. She points back to Augustine. The Bible portrays Christ Himself establishing that kingdom. Every Christian attempt to establish the “city of God” has failed, because that is not our calling. We are called on to preach the cross and salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of our Lord on the cross.

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