What can we do to be 'good Christians'?

This was an email I wrote a friend.  He was asking some questions about problems he had on some of the Calvinist debate sites, and how we could stay close to the Lord.  What was very sweet, is I said some things back to him, in which his response was that he wished he could frame it, and read it over and over until he remembered it.
So, it wasn’t really well checked for redundancy or spelling, so please forgive that.  I did this for him to encourage.   Maybe it will encourage you in ways to help us abide in the Vine.

How can we stay close to the Lord?  Is it hard?  Do you think only ‘good Christians’ get there?

I have news, only those who have been promoted have ‘arrived’…

dear friend

So, best we can do is keep fighting the good fight of faith.  But don’t do it on your own.  Ask others to pray for you.  Pray and ask the Lord for help.  He is faithful when we are not.  Trust in Him, acknowledge Him in more of your ways (try to pray for more things), lean on Him, not your own understanding.  Delight yourself in Him, Commit your ways to Him and do what you can, knowing He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Trust in God’s Word, and not your feelings.

Put your armor on daily <3